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"We love creating the designs in which our clients envision living out their lives.  At Key Designs we are always up for the challenge of making these spaces come to life." 

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        Hello, I am Angela Keys, an Interior Designer with 14 years of design experience. Unlike many other designers, I have also had a previous career in the field of Finance.  The marriage of experience in both of these industries creates a unique balance for my clients.  My design experience equips me with the ability to create spaces in which people live out their lives; whether at home or at work.  My Finance knowledge has taught me how to manage and work within whatever budget I am given for a project.

      For the past 14 years, I have worked as an Interior Designer, a Project Manager, and a Construction Manager at multiple government agencies.  Agencies such as the Air Force, Navy, Department of Transportation, the National Institutes of Health,  and Booz Allen Hamilton.  Throughout all of these experiences, I have perfected my skills and birthed Key Designs - the company where your vision is always the KEY to our Designs.

      Key Designs is able to assist on design plans, home staging for quick sales, space planning, to assist with furniture/fixtures/materials selections, project management, contractor/sub-contractor coordination, and other space organization needs.

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